Доброго вечора, ми з України! | Good evening, we are from Ukraine!

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IT department has been launched, what YOU ALL need to do is go to the site, select an attack – (for example, on the media, the Russian Federation) leave an open browser tab, continue to do your job.
Attack databases are constantly updated and updated, just leave the selected section on the site and your computer, phone or tablet turned on!
MAKE A MAXIMUM REPOST AND PUBLICATION – of this resource – only together we will win this war!

How can I help Ukraine?

“Performing simple tasks for Ukraine’s victory over the aggressor on the information front, you need access to the Internet + any computer”

You can help the UKRAINIAN army in the following areas:

– attack on enemy (ru) WEB sites –

– attack of enemy (ru) sites (with the installation of special software)

– blocking of Telegram channels (instruction + list)

– Post comments on YouTube channels

– petitions for signature (list + updates)

– materials for publication on social networks


Attacks on Russian sites are happening right now


There are no more world brands in Russia


The companies refused to work with Russia
How it works. Everything you need to know about DDoS attacks

In the current conditions, the goal of cyber attacks by Ukrainians is to harm the aggressor and call on Russian citizens to act against the war. The peculiarity of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attack) is that the object is attacked from several places (usually countries) at the same time.

Step 1

We use VPN

Download the web browser Tor ( after following the link, select your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) – insert a line from the site with STEP 2 and press enter – all of you you are already helping our victory over the aggressor!

Do not launch an attack without a TOR browser or without a VPN! Attack from Ukraine will not work, because Russia is blocking our addresses.

Step 2

launch an attack

For automatic DDoS of key sites of the Russian Federation (insert into TOR browser) (insert into TOR browser) (insert into browser TOR)

Now your computer has become a weapon against the aggressor and their propaganda!

For advanced users.
Download the software from verified links for your OS (Win, Mac, Linux).

Set the VPN and turn it on.

Docker team docker run -ti --rm alpine / bombardier -c 1000 -d 3600s -l

Team for ddosify ./ddosify -t -n 500000 -d 3600 -p HTTPS -m GET -l linear -b -Russian ship go fuck yourself!

We launch an attack

!!!Importantly!!! MAC OS –

After downloading the archive, unpack it to disk.
Launch “Terminal”.
Go to the directory where you unzipped the file (run the command in the “Terminal”, the path to the folder can be copied at the bottom below the list of files in the folder): cd / Users / Username / DDOS / ddosify_0.7.5_macos_all
And launch a DDoS-attack with the next command in the “Terminal”.

Petitions to sign

While Ukraine is defending its people and cities, and Russia is facing the radical consequences of its war crimes, the most popular payment services, foreign trade and industrial companies are still working in Russia - help reach them!


Attack on Russian WEB sites

List of Russian sites for attacks. Instructions depending on your level of training can be found on our website.


Youtube + Twitter

We are absolutely convinced that modern technology is a powerful response to tanks, hail and missiles. Leave comments on the prepared templates, links to truthful information and what the Russian Federation does not show!


Volunteer help

If you can help physically or using your intellectual abilities or experience - leave information and we will get you help. Your participation is very important for our victory on every front!


Funds help

Our fighters, territorial defense, public organizations need your help every day, if you can help - here are the details for fundraising by region.


Enemy telegram channels and misinformation – what to do?

If you find a Telegram channel with anti-Ukrainian themes, send it for testing here –

How to block Telegram channels? Instruction –

  1. You go to the canal
  2. Click on the avatar
  3. Click “more”
  4. Choose to “complain”
  5. Choose “other”
  6. Insert this text

Propaganda of the war in Ukraine. Propaganda of the murder of Ukrainians and Ukrainian soldiers.

Official Ukrainian telegram channels